Export pdf for last 3 months - incoming only

Is there a way to export a bank statement for the last three months showing incoming payments only?

Select the Monzo card/account in the app.
Tap on ‘Manage’ under the selected card
Scroll down to ‘Statements’ then tap on ‘Bank statements’

The top option should be ‘Last 3 full months’ - tap on that, select your preferred downloaded file type option (PDF, CSV or QIF) - select CSV -and download - select the destination to save the file (device dependent)

Once you have access to the file, filter on ‘Income’ in the ‘Category’ field to see all incomings*

*May need Plus/Premium account to access

Thank you, but this is in CSV format rather than PDF - unfortunately I need it in PDF to present my bank statement to the company requesting it

It can be PDF - but you can’t easily create a PDF-Income-Only file automatically.

PDF editing skillz needed for that!

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Indeed, this won’t be possible. By definition, a bank statement will show both incoming and outgoing payments. If it doesn’t, it’s not a bank statement.