Double-Decline in Co-op

(Kerry Jenkin) #1

Got a double decline using Monzo card in the co-op supermarket on Bradford road in Birkenshaw this evening. First decline was contactless and the second chip and pin. Interestingly one of them appeared in the app as a payment and then a refund. The other one didn’t appear at all. Used the card there several times with no issues. Had to resort to my Barclays debit card (very depresssing)

(Josh Bray) #2

Can you contact support and see what’s causing it? Then report back here. Just gives us something to go by.

(Kerry Jenkin) #3

Feedback from Monzo support below. Guessing it was a device issue in-store or maybe a timeout reporting as a decline (I’m assuming my debit card would have fallen back to an off-line transaction if it timed-out). Working fine elsewhere so feels store specific. Will no doubt try in the same store over the weekend so see if its a one off