Contactless transactions not authorising


OK so in the first few weeks of using this card its been declined fully (no wireless, no chip and pin, payment systems down) a couple of times… Highly annoying… Means I cant really trust it to work and drop other cards.

But also I notice some places the contactless payments will not ever authorise… Chip and pin does, but for example morrissons supermarket (and cafe but expect thats the same retailer) the contactless never works. The card reads, its not the contactless aspect, but authorisation always fails consistently.

Are these isolated bugs ?? Does this happen to others ??

(Colin Robinson) #2

Morrisons is on the known bugs list


OK thanks for that…

Not really seeing much upside for the inconveniences as an android user…

(Colin Robinson) #4

Ah, there’s a lot missing from the Andriod version right now but they are on the roadmap for the next quarter:

So, interesting things to come :slight_smile:


As Monzo is still in beta, it’s not recommended to drop other cars for the reasons you have stated. I’ve not had any problems with my card, so I’d be interested to know what other issues you’ve had.


Failed to transact at all one afternoon, chip and pin, contactless, nothing would authorise… Only been using it 2 or 3 weeks and so I always have the kinda ‘will it work today’ feeling… I dont like the idea of trying to pay with one card, then having to use another, feel like a broke bum.

Maybe just poor luck…

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Monzo could have been having an outage too (it’s in beta, after all) - you’ll see a banner in the app if there’s any ongoing issues (even the Android app) but it’s also worth subscribing to SMS updates :arrow_down: in case you don’t have a data connection / are abroad.


Hope I’m on the correct thread.
Co-op doesn’t accept both contactless and pin.
Tried contactless twice and pin once…


Which Co-op (e.g. the main UK one with blue logo, East of England one with green logo, or another smaller co-op) and was this in a store or a petrol station? Is it a particular store you having issues in, i.e. you used it in other co-ops OK? This extra info may assist in providing an explanation or solution.


Hello, it is the blue Co-op, at old street. 185 Old Street, Shoreditch, London EC1V 9NP.
Haven’t used it in any other Co-op supermarket.
Hope this helps.

(Naji Esiri) #11

Hello! Thanks for this, we’ll look into it :slight_smile: sometimes if you’ve tried contactless a few times, the merchant will blocksubsequent attempts using chip and pin.

(Mark H) #12

Similar problem here but with a more concerning twist.

WHSmiths at Waterloo on 21st December 2016. Point of sale declines contactless transaction so I pay with another debit card instead. Notice shortly after that my Monzo balance has been deducted the transaction amount however meaning I’ve paid twice for the single purchase. Luckily this was just a pre-train meal-deal and not ‘The Oppenheimer Blue’ but still worrying.

It it possible to get this transaction refunded and if so, what’s the process?

(Alex Sherwood) #13

I had a similar issue with a WH Smith purchase funnily enough. It probably is possible to get that transaction refunded, the customer support team will be able to confirm that for you. Looking at my copy of the transaction dispute form, you might have left it too late, as the form states that you it should be submitted within 10 days. But again, the CS team will confirm whether that’s the case or not.

You can contact them through the in-app chat tool or by emailing & don’t worry, the form is electronic, Monzo won’t make you mail anything to them!

(Mark H) #14

Ah, thanks for that, I’ll have a chat using the app. :+1:


Just so you know, no problems at my local store of Midcounties Co-operative (the 2nd largest after blue Co-op)

(Tony Hoyle) #16

If you look at the transaction you’ll probably find it’s pending, so the retailer announced their intention to take the money, but never followed through (some don’t for several days but you don’t notice unless you’re looking).

Either their end will eventually cancel it or it’ll drop off your list and refund automatically. When it happened to me at a coop (due to a monzo outage) it was about 24 hours before it vanished.