Transaction notes typed offline not caching and syncing when online

(Zain Jetha) #1

When I’m on the tube, I often like to go through my feed and add notes to my transactions, however these don’t get uploaded - they don’t get cached and synced when a data connection is re-established when I’m above ground but are simply lost.

It appears the server-side state simply replaces the local state, rather than comparing changes and syncing them.

Don't forget my receipt photo if you lose internet
(Jolin) #2

I had the same thing happen with a receipt I took a photo of, had a connection problem, and when I went back to Monzo once my connection was sorted out, the photo was lost. Never thought to check whether notes entered offline would be lost as well. But I agree this is a problem, and I’m glad to know of this bug before I do similar to you and then loose all my work!

(Jonathon) #3

We can access the app offline, with limited features which is great. But can we have it so that edits we make offline are saved and just uploaded when we get online next?

I spent ages tagging my spending when on the tube, with emoticons etc offline, only to now see that all those edits aren’t there now I’m back online.

(This might be a bug I’m not sure)


Not a bug but has been posted about here before (@alexs will no doubt find it). Hopefully there are plans to support this.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I’m sure I remember that too but I can’t find it :disappointed: so I guess we needed a dedicated post for this idea anyway :slight_smile:

(Zain Jetha) #6

See this - bug reports - Transaction notes typed offline not caching and syncing when online

This should be merged

(Tom ) #7

Thanks @zainjetha - done.