Does ordering a new card disable the current?

My card is damaged but NFC and inserting it still works. Will it be unusable the moment I order a new card?

From memory, I don’t think so as long as you don’t do a ‘lost or stolen’ order.

I’ve not tried it, though, so I can’t guarantee it at the moment.

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I would have thought it would as it’ll be new cc numbers

I have no personal experience of this with Monzo, but when other banks issue a new card in instances like that, your current card remains active until you activate the new one.

Please report back what happens with Monzo if you request a replacement!

There’s only one way to find out :grin:

I believe it just freezes your old one but you can defrost and refreeze as you see fit until the new one arrives.

No, it will still work.

I had a card with a damaged RFID loop, couldn’t get it to tap and pay any more. Ordered a new card through the flow in the app, and old card still worked just fine for chip and PIN in the meantime.

Once the replacement was received and activated, then and only then was the damaged card totally unusable.

As Mike says, just make sure you don’t do a ‘lost or stolen’ order.


I don’t think it will.

Plus card coming didn’t cancel Coral.

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As other people have stated, you can still use the card if you order a replacement. You just need to defrost it after you order the new one. You new card needs to be activated to remove your old card so that one will not work until you do.

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The new card does instantly disable the old one on activation though… including any continuous authorities you have on that card. Caught me by surprise.


I can confirm that it WILL continue working until the point you activate the replacement card in the app having ordered a replacement card myself recently!
As previously mentioned as long as your card isn’t marked as lost or stolen.

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Hi, guys. So yeah, it did not deactivate my current. Except, the new card’s NFC doesn’t work! I get an ‘NFC read error’ when trying to activate it :rofl:

Well, time to email them

I wouldn’t email Monzo, that takes ages. Use in app chat :slight_smile:

Okay, cool. I’ll do that. Though last time I looked it seems to be hidden more. One quick question, does NFC read error imply that tap-to-pay will not work?

I use G. Pay but it’s nice to know the card can be contactless, too.

I got “NFC read error” when activating my current card on Android too, but it still works fine for contactless. I suspect it’s an Android or app problem, not a card problem.

I think it’s down to where the chip(?) for reading the cards is in the phone and how good/strong it is. Sounds like the card hasn’t been held in the right place - close enough that the phone detects there’s a card to read, but not close enough that it can actually read it. Bit like the “Phone moved too fast, try again” messages you can get when paying with Google/Apple Pay.

Doesn’t help that different makers will have the chip in different places, so no one guide to say “This is where you should hold your card” can work.

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