Does Monzo report to debt collectors / credit reference agencies?

Hello now that Monzo uses credit reports does that mean monzo pass your address on to debt collectors or put your address to be seen on credit agency’s ? thanks

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Your details will go to credit reference agencies. The only way it would go to a debt collector directly is if you owe them money and they instruct one to come for you.

If you’re in debt and currently don’t have an up to date address with a collector then yeah they could get your address if the company you owe money to check for an up-to-date address on your files.


If you’re in debt and need help, then these guys can help with payment plans etc, it’s a national charity

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Monzo are a regulated bank and report your account balance and account standing (up to date, arrears, default) to the credit agencies like all other banks do.

They would also be able to pass on your debt to collections but they would have to follow the same rules everyone else has to. I don’t think one has to be a bank to be able to do that. They wouldn’t pursue debts with other creditors though.

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Not specifically Monzo, but if you have debt elsewhere and you’ve moved, debt companies can do credit searches themselves anyway by means of soft checks to trace you and contact you by those means.

If you have debt with a creditor, as mentioned above, it’s covered in their terms that they may sell or place your debt to a recovery agent, which also includes your address and contact details.


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