Does monzo really communicate to customers via

Now I would say “naw” - why would monzo use an email address that looks like it is someone spoofing a real email address?

Personally I would not respond to that email because it looks so spammy (the language in the follow-up is worse).

However this thread suggests it is a real address?

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It’s real. It’s the email reply afaik

Intercom was the old chat software

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If you’re unsure, don’t reply.

Message in app or call them instead :slight_smile:

I would never reply to an email from a bank, I’m not actually for personal advice - I’m just baffled why Monzo is using an address that clear is confusing to users and by extension creates potential to be spoofed because of the complexity and length.

Apart from the unprofessionalism demonstrated by Monzo using multiple domains, I’m also baffled by why Monzo would want 15 years address history of any customer - that’s longer than even the government want for their highest security clearances!


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