Is this email real or a scam?

I contacted Monzo support via email, but I was replied to with this email :
Is it scam or not


According to :
And if we need to email you it'll be from a,, or address.

So, yes, that should be a legitimate email from Monzo - based on the fact you recently emailed Monzo (they use Intercom for their help service) - but do be aware that “From/Sender” addresses can easily be spoofed and so if you do reply by email, make sure you are sending To/Reply-To one of those domains.,


It’s also worth noting that and @ⅿοnzo.intе are not the same, and there are many many alternative variations as well.

Relying on verifying legitimacy of email addresses just by looking at the domain will not protect you.

In case you were wondering: In the 2nd @ⅿοnzo.intе 3 letters have been swapped for others that look very similar - good luck identifying them …


The first two - ‘m’ and ‘o’ and the ‘e’ in intercom?

the ‘m’ in monzo is a roman numeral one thousand

the first ‘o’ in monzo is a lower case omicron

the ‘e’ in intercom is a lower case cyrillic ‘ie’

i demand a prize