Does Contactless = Spending more?

Because of how easy contactless is, do you think you spend more with it ?

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I don’t think so, personally.

I’ve always thought that if I’m going into a shop to spend money, I’m not any more likely to buy something just because I don’t have to enter my PIN :man_shrugging:


By the time I’ve reached the checkout I’ve already committed to buying what I’ve chosen. The decision to buy something is made while I’m browsing the aisles, and payment method isn’t on my mind at that moment. So the answer for me is probably not.


Nah if I have money I definitely spend more. It feels harder to keep track of instead of just checking my account to see what I have left.


Maybe its just a fad but i love using contactless at the moment lol, and the satisfying noise you hear from monzo when money comes in/out the account.

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Yes with a traditional bank that provides laggy feedback on spending.

But not when I have real time spending notifications and spending summaries a la Monzo.

This was actually the very reason I started using Monzo.

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Maybe, I am an extravagant spender, if contactless with ApplePay was unlimited in more places then maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sure I don’t spend more money because of contactless.

I spend a lot less time in ATM queues tho :+1:


Not really. It makes you feel a bit less guilty as you don’t have to type in your PIN, that’s about it.

By the time I’ve gotten to the cash desk and handed the cashier my stuff I was going to pay anyway.

Sometimes conveniences like contactless vending machines can be tempting though and it’s easier to spend as you never run into the dilema of ‘I dont have any notes/coins to pay for this’.

It’s more noticeable in the pub as you don’t see the cash come out of your hand, you just see beers come into them instead.

To be fair, that’s a good point actually.

When I’m in the gym, Apple Pay on my Watch makes it really easy to buy stuff from the horrendously overpriced vending machines when I’ve forgotten to bring my water bottle. And with contactless in general, I can be in the pub and throw my arm in the general direction of the card machine and suddenly I have beer.

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Me, no. There is an argument that some people spend more on cards than with cash, because they don’t see the money going out of their wallet, but I don’t think that applies with accounts like Monzo, where you can see it going out of your phone straight away.

Does it make me spend more? No I don’t think so, or not that I’ve ever noticed. But is it more convenient hells yeah!

I suppose also, in the past you wouldn’t have got your card out to pay £1.80 at Greggs, whereas with contactless, people now do pay for small transactions by card.

I wouldn’t say contactless per say, more just cards in general. You can’t see yourself handing over physical cash so sometimes it just doesn’t feel like real money.

Certainly more than cash; I have difficulty getting rid of cash these days, but contactless is very easy.

Actually spending less since joining monzo. Making use of the budget and spending features.

I personally spend less.

When I break a note (for example £20)… As if by magic I feel compelled to spend the rest. With contactless there is no problem.

Of course this is more to do with my lack of self control


Exactly this. Not necessarily just contactless but I find myself spending more money at the Pasty Van that comes around our Commerce Park because now they have a card machine!

I definitely make more frivolous purchases because of contactless, just because it’s so easy.

Personally I spend less and I know what I am spending my money on were as when you use cash you tend to forget or get a bit carried away so in all fairness I think it’s a probably not when it comes to using contactless.