Mondo and our relationship with money

Was very happy to receive my card this week in the North West of England. Using it for all my spending, both online and in stores and so far, no problems at all. :thumbsup:

As we move away from cash payments to card more and more, it’s a great way to still keep that connection with what money you are spending and what you have left in the bank. I hear a lot of people who still prefer to use cash do so because spending with a card doesn’t feel like real money and they end up spending more.

I could be a bit guilty of this too, preferring to use contactless whenever possible, it’s easy to forget all those little transactions here and there and it soon mounts up.

Being able to keep track of my spending and over time see my spending habits enables me to have a better awareness of my money. Something I can’t easily do with a regular bank.

I’m 100% behind Mondo and the great team behind it. I look forward to you guys gaining full Bank status and keen to be part of the journey. Also hoping to invest if there’s another round of crowdfunding in the future!


Yeah have been using the mondo card for a day and I’ve noticed this already. My old card depending on whether I used contactless or chip and pin I wouldn’t see transactions for sometimes a few days. I’ve always found this a bit of a nightmare because I’m not generally focused on keeping a running total in my head!

Having it pop up on my phone within a minute with a reminder of how much I’ve spent in a day is gonna be a godsend.

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me to. TBH I am very guilty for just “using contactless” and worrying about it later. Comes to end of month and some DD’s bounce and have to be represented. This card will help me have my “disposable income” on it every month so I DONT overspend.

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