Does anyone else feel uncomfortable calling their legacy bank?

I had to call first direct today because I couldn’t add a payee that I wanted to their app for my Lloyds Credit Card.

While I was waiting they had to remind that their app is great which isn’t true because I would be able to pay my card off if that was the case.

I had to go through their frankly redicioulous security measures only then to get a lecture about why their voice ID system is the best.

I then went through the easy process of paying my credit card over the phone.

Then they asked if I had now paid off the card because they could offer me one of their their cards with balence transfer.

They tried their best to sell me that then tried it with a savings account.

I didn’t really want one but said I would look online because that’s normally easier than saying no.

I then get told that it would take longer online to try and pressure me into doing it over the phone.

Is it just me or is this not great customer service?

I want to get my query sorted and go about my day. I don’t want to feel pressured into getting a new product from them that I don’t want.

If I wanted a credit card or savings account I would have looked online or asked them about it when I called.

Am I alone here? Seems redicioulous to me. I have had to call 3 times now and they have done this every time. At this rate I’ll be moving back to Monzo before my second month with them is up


It’s things like this that grind my gears. I thought that First Direct was better than this, though :frowning:

I think the value of a product isn’t just in what it costs you, but the quality of the service and the absence of issues like this. So, for me, the value of a Monzo account is much greater than one that pays me interest - or gives me £100 to join - simply because these things don’t happen.

(Really sorry to hear this, by the way. Don’t First Direct give you a switching incentive then some more money if you’re not happy? I’d pocket both of them if I were you! :moneybag: )


Barclays are obsessed with trying to get me to take out home insurance with them :confounded:

I thought not calling would help but now they keep putting a banner up in the app :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


You know what to do… :arrow_right: :monzo: :wink:


Thanks, I actively avoid calling any companies and only call if I really have to for this reason.

I was tempted to make a bank transfer to my Lloyds Bank account then pay off my card from there just to avoid ringing them. I wish I did now!

I haven’t even claimed their welcome offer yet but I’m not overly bothered by any of the gadgets (I own 3 of them already :joy:)

After the ratings, I thought this wouldn’t happen. Maybe I could get them to put it on my account?

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I’ve had to phone First Direct twice. Once to finish opening the account and another to find out what is happening with this ‘hello gift’.

Firstly, I don’t really think either of those things warrants having to physically call. They could all be automated or done online or in-app. The hello gift appears to be done through a third party who require you to first wait a few weeks after your account opens before they let you register for the gift. Then another week. Then they let you pick the gift. Then they say you’ll get a tracking number within 30days (it’s been two weeks so far, about 5 weeks since I applied for an account).

I mean they’re perfectly lovely on the phone but I feel like an arse for phoning when they could just communicate better by email, text or app. I couldn’t even use my account to transfer money after I had set it up for some reason and the error message said I needed a First Account (which I had).

Oh, and they use that first set up phone call to try and get you to move your salary over and get a savings account and go on about their other products.

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It’s probably worth asking. Can you message them in the app/internet bank?

(Oh, my advice is to grab the gadget even if you don’t want it - there’s always eBay, it could be a spare, or you could donate it to whoever guesses best when Monzo will hit a million customers!)

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I’ll have the gadget, youll probably get it before me :joy:

I agree with this! One of the calls I made was also for that very error message. If they had better error messages or less redicioulous security measures, I wouldn’t have had to call.

They aren’t any better than my old Lloyds account tbh. In fact, they didn’t try and sell me anything and show pending card transactions!

I doubt it. I havent even received the first email about it yet :joy:

In fairness to First Direct, they are a telephone bank …

Yeah, I may try this!

I just feel like if I’m going to leave this early, I probably shouldn’t claim it (although I worry about everything)

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Why? I think you should claim it as well as their Goodbye gift (£100) for leaving as an unhappy customer. You have a perfectly valid reason for not being happy with them


I’m unsure about this one. They list just about every “way to bank” above telephone banking on their website and when you call they seem very interested in getting you to use the app :thinking:

I think it’s just because I feel like I’m getting something for nothing :thinking:

In reply to topic. Yes 100%. Always have to jump through hoops to get any answers

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A soon as mine comes I’m CASSing to Monzo. I can’t even be bothered to wait for the goodbye thing.

Plus, you’d have to speak to them again :joy:

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I’m not the greatest fan of calling any call centre, from the automative selection to speak to someone (bloody pressure stay calm) to the rediculous music whilst waiting and being told “my call is important to us please hold” hence why I choose Giffgaff and monzo … Community like this suits me fine. Monzo CS always does well for me. 10/10


I don’t mind calling it’s simple just to call enter the account number and then say my voice is my password. After being connected they’re always very helpful.