How old were you when you opened your first bank account?

Have had a Halifax ISA since birth… but the first account I opened myself, I must have been 5 or 6. Always encouraged to save and having an account made it more likely.

I would have been about 7. I had an account with The Midland Bank. Not only did you get a passbook but a chrome plated money box that had separate slots for different coins.

Little blue passbook with the Post Office at about 7 in which I paid the proceeds of my savings stamp books once completed.

First bank account was at 16 with NatWest so my employer could pay my wages directly into my account. Stayed with them for about 20 years!

Think it was First Trust bank when I was 16 for wages

Had an account with Yorkshire Bank in about Year8/9 I think. Was going to pay in my paper round money but I always spent it on toffees before I could do it.

I’ve not changed much.

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I had a Nationwide savings account in my teens, it was a passbook, which I could use in some of the more advanced cash machines with a PIN number.

First current account I applied for when I was 16+1 day, apparently doing the application on the 16th birthday could sometimes cause issues with the application. That was my Nationwide cash card account.

Then my first current account was again with Nationwide. Supposedly it wasn’t possible to upgrade the cash card account to have a debit card, overdraft and cheque book, so it was a new account, and again it was the day after my 18th birthday due to the issue of computers supposedly not supporting applications on your birthday in all cases.

I still have the debit card current account. The cash card account I ended up switching over to another bank when the cashback on bills plus switching bonuses became a thing.

I currently have err 4 current accounts. Yeah don’t understand why people think you can only have one, but that is another discussion.

I opened my first account with Barclays as we had a small branch in our secondary school

  1. I was working for the Post Office and Girobank allowed PO employees a cheque guarantee card from day one. All other banks made you wait 3-6 months for one.

My parents opened me some kind of account at Abbey National back in the day, but I think I got my first Visa Electron card when I started college (just as Abbey National rebranded to Abbey, if I remember correctly…)

It’s interesting how times change.

I can’t remember, myself. I know I had a little low value pocket money account as a small child. I had that little house-shaped money box so that’s my evidence, but I remember going and setting a proper account up as a teenager.

Most people here are saying they didn’t get an account until their teenage years, or close to them.

Meanwhile I’ve had a bank account for my daughter since she was a few weeks old. A Halifax Young Saver when she was very small, and now a Junior ISA.

A sign that we’re getting more financially aware and better at saving, or that costs are going up and children can’t get by without substantial savings any more?

My mother opened my first account for me when I was 12 and got my first credit card (yes CREDIT, French people don’t really have debit cards) when I was 13 and went on my first holiday abroad alone and was scared of carrying cash.
But at the time there were no phone apps and no easy way to track the money so I used to write every transaction in a small notebook that I had in my purse to make sure I didn’t overspend.
Monzo would have been AWESOME! It would have really helped me budget and saved me tons of time.


I was 7 and I only remember that because NatWest gave me a CD, Will Smith’s Big Willy Style Album!! :rofl:

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Bonjour! :wave: Mind if I ask when that was? When I lived there it was all about the Carte Bleue, which was the French version of Switch (an old UK domestic debit card system). I think CB was ultimately absorbed into Visa, though, whereas Switch was into MasterCard…

About 11 - I think it was an Electron card and it was with Alliance & Leicester.

They later on got bought out by Santander, and to show you the levels of apathy I think exist regarding changing bank accounts - it was literally my main account until I started using Monzo a few months before I joined the company. All my spending immediately moved to the Monzo Beta and now my bills etc with the full account, but until I started using Monzo I’d never even considered changing banks for the better part of two decades.

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I’m wracking my brains trying to remember. I know I had a Midland student account when I went to university, but I must have had some sort of current account thing before then… :thinking:

I had a Midland Bank account that was opened in primary school - the whole school bank thing in the 80s.

Then when I was in my late teens (late 90s), when banks used to give you free stuff - we’d go round all the banks opening accounts to get 10 free cinema tickets or Virgin Megastore vouchers, or whatever - I went into HSBC to open an account. They took all my details as they do, then told me I had an old inactive account. It was the old Midland, ‘school bank’, account. It had made a reasonable amount of interest so I went through the process of reclaiming it and I ended up getting about £150 from it. I can’t remember what the amount in the account originally was, but I remember being surprised that it had made so much.

Also had a Cumberland building society account as a child, with a pass book that they would write in by hand and cross things out. Then later on they’d stick it in a machine opened to the page they wanted and it would print extra lines on for deposits and withdrawals.

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  1. When the Midland bank came to school. Drawing £1 out at lunchtime… Who’s the daddy?!?

Bonjour à vous Monsieur. It would have been 10 years ago! And yes it was a Visa, I use to hate the system because at the end of each month I needed to check my bank statement against my little notebook and the receipts.
Yes Carte bleu was an actual item but now it’s just an expression to mean credit card. Every credit card is a carte bleu, no matter the color. :joy:

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I’ve had ISAs in trust since birth with Nationwide.

My first bank account was with Norwich and Peterborough when I was 7 or 8. I then had one with Santander (not good) when I was 13 and Lloyds a few months after. I still have that account mainly to deposit bags of coins!

I opened my Monzo account on my 18th birthday back in the prepaid days.

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Original Nat West piggy holder here too - still got the collection at Mum and Dad’s although Sir Nathaniel is little battered and bruised now.

Anyway, I seem to remember that being opened up by Mum. My first ‘proper’ account was opened up when I went to Uni.

I went with Barclays, can’t remember why. Possibly because Dad was with them, probably because they gave me £50 or something. Been with them for 20 years since.

It’s crazy how you just fall into one provider and then tend to stick with them. I don’t even particularly like them, given the scandals that they’ve been involved with. Hence my interest in the Monzo project.