Do you get your shopping delivered?

I’m looking to make the career jump into UX Design and I’ve been working on a personal case study about getting your shopping delivered. I’ve created a short survey - I would be extremely grateful if anyone could fill this out for me.

This survey is part of a personal project looking to improve the way in which users interact with getting their weekly shop delivered. The results for this case study are anonymised and will be used in a case study for a new concept product.

This topic could also serve as a discussion as to if you get your shopping delivered? Why do you, why don’t you? I’m interested to find out what most people tend to do here.

I’ll start: we recently started getting our shopping delivered from looking into it and realising the delivery fee being so low!

No because they don’t offer a delivery service, plus I’m 4 minute walk from them anyways. So if delivery service was on offer I’d prob still be too tight to pay for it.

Edit - found a flaw in your survey, no option available to reflect why I don’t have online shopping delivered. No option to select it’s not available to order online.

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I never do surveys that people post on here but I like your enthusiasm so consider it done :+1:

There’s nothing particularly bad with the process when we order our groceries online. It’s all done as part of meal planning for the week - that’s the only area for us that may have some scope for improvement but I’m not sure how :man_shrugging:


Interesting - I never thought about the shop not offering delivery. Thank you for your insight!

Although it isn’t an option there is a section on the survey where you could write that:

“If you don’t get your shopping delivered, what is the reason for this? (Skip this if it doesn’t apply)”

Thank you for your input Ordog!

Never got that far down to be fair, just saw no option and came out of it. I’ll have to revisit.

I get some things delivered like… once every two months? Usually bulk, heavier liquids and stuff it’s hard to put on my bike. I’ll fill it in.

I filled it in but, I think you need more of a background in research methods if you are serious about UX work.

The survey makes a lot of assumptions (doesn’t cater for people who do online and offline shopping for example), it seems to be pushing in certain directions, and I think the result of questions like “would x be useful to you” won’t have much meaning in the context you presented, because they don’t tell you anything about how much of a priority that is compared to other potential improvements.

I don’t mean to sound harsh or anything, UX design is a great job and research methods are totally learnable.


Thank you - I totally take that on board. This is my first project after just reading about UX practises in my spare time so I’m a complete noob. I understand how my questions seem pushed towards certain answers. I’ll maybe tweak these questions and run a second research round on other participants based on your feedback and see if the results differ. Thanks again.


I have filled it in. I’m very tech savvy and bank online, use Netflix, have a smart thermostat etc but I find it far easier and quicker to go to the shop for groceries. Take choosing things for your lunchbox for example - online you have to think of ideas, browse the products, looks at the weight and work out if its the right size etc. In the shop you can just have a quick look through the fridge and pick up what you fancy.

Filled it in

I don’t do online since aldi don’t deliver well they do but not everything also whenever I’ve used Morrisons or Asda I get poor dates on delivery

Nope. I think the time it takes means I can/will always find the time to do it.

For me it’s not really about saving the time or the worry of them getting it wrong, but more that I’ll buy extras when I go that I might/would have forgotten if I did it online.

“Oh that’s running low. I’ll get that while I’m here” but wouldn’t have thought about it when shopping online.

Plus I’m a marketers dream, those “offers” at the end of an aisle, I’m going to buy them!

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Ahh. The gondola end. I feel online they haven’t really cracked a good equivalent.

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Isn’t it those seven pages you have to click through when you to check out that’s like ‘here’s some more offers, here’s some things you usually get, etc?

although the things on those pages are never nearly as fun I guess.

The key word was good! Agree the pages at the end are an attempt at replicating.

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