Delivery Company Rules

Nope it’s not another where’s my parcel or why can’t I see it on tracking.

I’m actually expecting a parcel of food stuff it’s from a local company that are shipping via DPD.

So in app you can send your own deliveries by processing it all and dropping off at a DPD point. I took at a look at it just out of curiosity, one of the exceptions of pretty much everything none to man was food stuffs.

So does DPD and other delivery companies have different restrictions dependent on if you’re a business or a customer?

The items are coming from a bakery so DPD will know it’s food stuff.

Definitely not the OP I was imagining!

If you think of all the fresh meal companies, they all have to use a courier. I would imagine that in their contracts it is stated that the packaging they (the food company) use will keep the food chilled for X hours, and the boxes usually have text or a sticker which say that it is is foodstuff and not to return it to depot etc.

I guess for consumers it is just easier to have a blanket ban on foodstuffs regardless of if chilled or not.

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The exclusions are mainly to do with insurance etc.

It’s extremely likely that food stuffs would be damaged in transit, the companies that deliver food via DPD will have a clause saying something similar to DPD are not liable.