Do I need to add Monzo to my TfL account before I can use it?


Apologies if this is a duplicate of what’s been asked before (I couldn’t find similar threads from a quick search) but do I need to add my Monzo CA card onto my Transport for London (TfL) account before I can use it/before they can charge me?


No. You can use your card normally. But if you do set up an online account with them and register your card, then you can view your journey history

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I wasn’t able to register my PP card last week.


OK. Well you can still use it for travel, just not access your travel history online thru their website

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If you have trouble adding it, contact Monzo and they can ensure your address is formatted correctly - TfL have a very specific way of matching it to your card details.

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I did consider that, but I usually use Apple Pay for Tfl, and I’ll be upgrading to the CC in due course anyway.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, though. :+1:


That’s great to know! I’m only a little curious as they’ve yet to charge my card… :thinking: considering with my legacy bank card last time, they pretty much took money out straight away on the next day! Do you know how long the delayed payment take?

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It’s a day or two IME. I last used Monzo on TfL on Friday and the payment changed overnight last night.

You don’t get a new payment, the active credit check changes.


Oh I see it now - sneaky! I didn’t know that they can still update the amount without creating another transaction!