Can we use Monzo on TfL Underground/DLR services?

(Juan David Quintero) #1

I’m starting to commute to London a lot more often, and wanted to know if it was possible to use the Monzo contactless card to pay for my travel similar to other contactless cards.

Any reply will be highly appreciated. <3

(James Billingham) #2

Yes! TfL is one of the top merchants across the whole of Monzo’s userbase. There are a couple of oddities around how TfL charges you, but that’s the same for any card.

You can also see how you’re doing by registering your Monzo card on

(Rika Raybould) #3

It certainly is!

Just touch in and out as with any other contactless card. :credit_card:

You’ll get some information about how TfL works differently to other merchants in your first feed item. Specifically, about how TfL’s delayed charges work.

(Juan David Quintero) #4

Awesome Stuff! I’ve activated my card and everything should be good. :+1:

Thank you for the response. :clap:

(Juan David Quintero) #5

I didn’t realise it would pick up the activation! I should be all set and ready to go now. :pray:

Thank you for your response! :ok_hand: