Do direct debits tell you how much they are?

(Ghost) #1

I’ve just gone full monzo, but do direct debits show the amount under payments -> scheduled payments -> direct debits, for instance my phone bill is £17 so after it runs for the first time will it show £17?

Thanks all.


It will do, yes.

(Ghost) #3

Cheers! Was worried it’d just say the names

(Michael) #4


(Ghost) #5

Thank you both, Michael - is there any reason the two direct debits have missing numbers? Is that a monzo feature or were you concealing then? (Which is understandable, was just curious why some show numbers and the others don’t).

(Michael) #6

So I think; the prices only show for recent direct debits. Those ones date back to before the feature or something.

With your direct debits being added recently, you should be fine :+1:

(Ghost) #7

Perfect! I was worried I wouldn’t see it like I used to with Santander :slight_smile:
Thanks again.