A 'Total' at the bottom of 'Subscriptions & Direct Debits'?


Although it is possible to view elsewhere, it would be really handy if there was a total at the bottom of the ‘Subscriptions & Direct Debits’ which lets you know how much money is going out.

Wouldn’t have to change screens then.

What would you expect in this total? Would you want a total even if the direct debit/payment wasn’t due to come out during this month or the same total as is in the budget screen or something totally different? It likely won’t be completely accurate all the time as Monzo have no way of knowing if that direct debit is due for collection until it’s presented to them (for example my council tax shows as committed spend this month as its monthly but I know it won’t be collected as I’m on 10month council tax payments)


All that @glasgow said above. Some of my DDs are monthly, some are annual and council tax is ten months out of twelve.

I can’t imah a single total that would be useful here :anguished: