Disputes Dispute

I need to speak to someone about a dispute I have ongoing how do I do that

If it is a dispute about a transaction, there should be “Something wrong?” button at the bottom.

If it is a dispute with Monzo, then contact Monzo.

If it is something else, then contact the person/company you have the dispute with.

If it is a dispute that you have already raised, then contact Monzo via chat. But largely pointless as they’ll come to you when they have news.

Help > “Contact” > Contact Us

Well it’s open to march but someone contacted me for evidence again and I had u til 24th done that and the company I have dispute with are harassing me

Monzo wont be able to help with that.

In what way are they harassing you? They will have been notified that you’re trying to claim money back so typically they want to resolve the matter with you directly.

I have an open dispute at the moment I just need to speak to someone in disputes what’s happening and yes I understand that part but it’s annoying the chat clears as I was talking to nice fella and I wouldn’t even know how to get a hold of him

When you go to the help tab, there should be a ‘chat with us’ button that allows you to resume the chat.

However, as far as I’m aware, different members of the team dip in and out when there are updates to give. So I don’t believe you get one person assigned to you for the duration.

What someone mentioned earlier is my experience also. You wont get an update or reply until they have one to give. Whenever you attempt to press for an update at the most you will just get a generic reply that states they’re still investigating and you need to wait.