Dispute taking longer than 7 days…now day 9

Hi all, bit of a sticky situation here.

On 13th May I ordered a Steam Deck for £479 from Valve Corporations. It’s essentially a gaming console.

The delivery was “successful” as shown on Parcelforce app, however where the delivery driver left it was not my flat/apartment block. It was left on the floor (no idea where) when I was at home all day expecting the door bell to go and actually have it given to me by hand. I asked all around the apartment complex (which is 3 buildings of around 8 flats) and not one of them had it. The floor did not also match with the flooring in the flat complex.

After this, I reached out to Valve who were not helpful at all. They literally told me they cannot do anything as it was marked as delivered. I understood that but it was not ‘DELIVERED’ to the correct place. I was told I could do a charge back with Monzo, to which I did on 23rd May. As it’s a huge amount of money it has made living a bit difficult. It was meant to be a congratulations gift for my partner and not only did I not receive it, but I am still down 479£.

Monzo contacted me asking for more evidence last week which I gave and still heard nothing back.

Any advice / tips why it’s taking so long? The whole process of the dispute has now been 9 days.

Thanks in advance x

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As per this


Unfortunately, there’s no specific timeframe when it comes to getting your money back. Once you’ve applied for chargeback, it’s up to your card provider to contact the supplier’s bank to process the refund, which could take time.
However, it should not be an open-ended request. If the whole process takes longer than eight weeks, take your case to the Financial Ombudsman. Even though the claim itself should be completed in eight weeks, it may take longer to receive the money in your account.

Basically, you’ve still got quite a while to wait - could be a good few weeks!

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You’d still be finding life difficult if you had received the Steam Deck. You’d still be £479 down.


Thanks so much. I really appreciate your reply unlike some others here. Much thanks :slight_smile: x

Well yes but at least I would have got what I paid for…??:joy::. Regardless of if I’d be struggling I’d still have got the service I purchased soooo not really understanding your comment there. Also asked for advice not to be made to feel like s**t. Thanks

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It’s 45 days.

This is for the merchant to respond, usually if they don’t respond it mostly rules in your favour.


Oh wow thanks!! That’s very helpful, appreciated x