“Dispute in progress” on the help tab - will it disappear eventually?

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this to know if these will disappear…

In September last year, I had a bunch of Tesco transactions fail whilst at the till, so I took a pic of the failure message on the self service checkout, and got receipts for the transaction that then went through ok after retrying.

In Monzo, the failed transactions weren’t declined immediately (so obviously a Tesco issue), but the pending transactions would have automatically reversed after 8 days which seems to be the norm for Tesco transactions that haven’t actually gone through correctly.

As there were a bunch of them in quick succession though, I asked in app chat, and was told to follow the new (not really new now I guess lol) automated dispute process, which asked a few questions and allows you to upload picture evidence that the transaction didn’t go through etc, and within 24 hours the pending payments were reversed. I wasn’t contacted by the disputes team or anything, I just got the notifications when the reversals were done.

My understanding was that they wouldn’t actually need to raise a chargeback with Tesco in cases like that, but gathered all the evidence needed in case they needed to at some stage raise a chargeback.

On the help tab though (pic below) over 7 months later, it still says “dispute in progress” against each one. When you click on them, it doesn’t give any context to which transaction it was (e.g. date/time of transaction or when the dispute was raised), but I tag transactions like that so I was able to find the relevant transactions in my feed to see when they were from.

Just not sure why they would still be seen as a “dispute in progress” after all this time?

I suggest you chase it up in the app, search ’ contact us’ in the help section, 7 months is way too long.

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I’ll contact in app chat at some point if they don’t disappear, was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience really at this point :slightly_smiling_face:

I contacted support in the end about this as they didn’t disappear, and the disputes team were able to get them removed :slightly_smiling_face: