Can't claim refunds in the app anymore

I’m sure I asked this a while ago, but I can’t find the thread - so please forgive me :blush:

When I know a retailer is going to refund a pending transaction, I used to be able to go to something wrong -> question this payment -> claim now.

The option still exists but it always rejects. Why aren’t we able to self refund low value transactions anymore?

I just tapped on a payment I made yesterday at Boots and have the ‘Something Wrong? Question this Payment’ button, taking me to a page with three sections - ‘I don’t recognise this transaction’ allowing me to report fraud, ‘Expecting a refund?’ asking me to wait 8 days, and then ‘Question this payment’ which allowss me to message Monzo about it. Do you have different?

It may be different for payments that are no longer pending.

Yeah, I think it’s different when the transaction is no longer pending.

When it’s pending, I have the option to “claim now” on that final screen. I’ll screenshot it the next time I have a pending transaction in the feed.

Yeah I haven’t been able to do this in ages. Think I get a big red error cross on the screen. I get duplicate Tesco transactions every couple of months, but always have to fall back to chat now (I didn’t before).

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Yeah on my last one i had to ask in chat also

My team is going to be taking over the self-serve authorisation reversal system in the near future and I plan to roll it into the disputes system.

There are a couple of reasons you might not be able to reverse a payment yourself that all come down to the risk balance, though it is expected that you just won’t see the option, rather than see it but it errors.


That’s excellent news.

I haven’t been able to self reverse for about 18mths/2 years on any transaction. And I don’t think any of my reversals were then presented, so I’m not sure why I seem to be blocked.

But some work on this would be fantastic. It’s mainly for things like the annoying £1 Amazon/Uber test transactions.

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