Dispute - how long could it take?

I tried a money transfer service called Remitly, seeing as most feedback is positive, even though there were some negatives of the type “thieves” etc.

Well that was last week of May, and the money never reached the destination account, even though Remitly’s system says it did.

I waited 14 days, during which I got rubbish from their support, then started a dispute via Monzo, as the transaction was with a virtual card I have with them.

How long could a dispute take? What are other people’s experiences? It’s been over Monzo’s quoted response time, but nothing so far.

Just wondering what sort of timeframe to expect.

Disputes can take between 6-8 weeks. Monzo plays middle man.

You tell monzo what happened. They tell merchant what you said. Merchants then respond to monzo, and monzo tells you what they said.

Longest part is generally merchant responses.

You say funds didn’t arrive the other end, who told you that? Do you trust the person the other end?

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I do trust him very much, as he is me :wink:


Fair enough, worth also asking Monzo for both auth and transaction reference numbers and ask Remitly to actually trace The payment.

The dispute UI in the app only lets me “change or cancel the dispute”; it doesn’t appear I can ask for more information.

That was one of the first things I did, not in those exact words but I asked Remitly to investigate and either make the payment complete itself or give me a refund. They gave me some rubbish talk on chat, twice, at which point I told them I would give them X number of days to sort it out, then I would raise a dispute with my bank. Next day I got a voicemail while I was at work, saying it was Remily and could I contact them; no, I don’t have the time to keep contacting them, either they fix it or someone else will for them, be it Monzo or small claims.

You ask Monzo for it directly, jus blag your way through a new chat option if you can and go from there.

So you used it to send money from yourself to yourself? Is there a reason you can’t verify using your/their account that the money has got “stuck”

Sounds like @Carlo1460 has given some good advice, good luck!


Yes, from my account in the UK to my account in Greece.

The money has not arrived to my account in Greece, so indeed it must be stuck somewhere. I don’t know what else I can do to investigate myself.

If I were to get these, what could I do next? Ask the Greek bank to investigate (not a fun experience trying to talk to a Greek bank)? My job (teacher) barely leaves me time to think, I don’t have time doing the banks’ work for them. That’s why I have Remitly the ultimatum - X days, then dispute. If this fails, small claims.

I don’t know how Greek banks work, sounds like they can be a problem?


  • Monzo will be able to confirm whether or not they sent the money too remitly and it was received by them. Remity are not a merchant but a money transfer service, I don’t know if different timescales apply as a result
  • Your Greek Bank will be able to confirm whether they received it from remitly
  • If both of these say they did and did not respectively, then it’s on remitly. Sounds like you have to speak to them, which you have already.

Good luck!

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I think that’s a given, as:

  • It was a debit card transaction
  • Monzo shows this as completed, money left my Monzo account
  • Remitly shows I have paid them, money received into Remitly

Could there be a case where the Greek bank have received it from Remitly but for some reason have not credited it to my account?
Both I and Remitly support (the one useful thing they did) was check that I entered the IBAN correctly, which I did.

Remitly can trace the payment in full, from start to finish. It’s their job to do it. You paid them to move the money so they need to find it.

Then ask Remitly for similar to trn/arn so Greek can trace it from them.

There’s a breakdown somewhere and no party is being held liable so it’s groundwork for you unfortunately.

Complain to all 3 services, even the end bank, to get them to talk.


Possibly, you’de need to speak to them. If we take this back to the UK for a second and a faster payment, if you sent it from Bank A to Bank B, Bank B can absolutely “hold” the payment for checks and the Onus is on them.

You need to speak to the Greek Bank too, unfortunately.

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