Discord Nitro Subscription auto-declines

Hi there!

A few members of the Monzo community may be keen gamers who use the Discord application. I’ve tried to subscribe to their Nitro subscription at $4.99 a month but my Monzo card seems to decline all the time.

I had a chat with the support team at Discord and they are saying that this is an issue my end.

I do not get any notifications from the app once I attempt payment, so I am unsure if this is the case or not.

Does anyone else here have a working subscription to Discord Nitro with their Monzo card?

Is this the prepaid card?

Ah, my apologies. Yes. It’s the pre-paid card. I’m expecting the current account card today so I could try that when i get home.


Discord said on their reddit that they don’t accept prepaid cards. Example was with different prepaid card, but in 99% of cases all prepaid cards would work (or don’t work, as in this case) in the same way. Support Team at Discord misinformed you. :wink:

Monzo debit card should work fine.

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I did try this with a TSB debit card but had the same problem.

TSB are not even seeing the transaction attempt so I am confident the issue in on their end. Thanks for the help guys <3

I have a Langley Debit card and it’s declining both of my cards. I find this very annoying since it’s my friend’s birthday and I’m trying to boost his server and gift him Nitro.