AmEx direct debit problems

Hi Everyone!

Just tried to set up a direct debit for paying my American Express credit card (this one issued by BA) from my Monzo account. The DD failed to get set up (the error message at their end being “that account does not allow direct debits”). I understand other people had this problem in the past but it is apparently now resolved for them. I had no such issue with setting up other DD’s, only AmEx. Any ideas please? Anything I could be doing wrong?


Are you sure you entered the sort code correctly? These things tend to happen when the last 2 digits are entered in the wrong order


Hmm, good point. I think I will call them again and cross-check.

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Yep, looks like that’s what the problem was. Everything went through fine this time. Many thanks!


When should the direct debit show up in the Monzo app?

Less than a week usually.

Before the money is debited? or after setup? I setup over a month ago.

After setup. A month is definitely too long, would call Amex to check.

There was an incorrect digit in my account number. Which is odd because it should have failed if any validation was done.

This is annoying because Amex blocks copy and paste during Direct Debit setup. This all could be avoided if they just allowed it.

I don’t really understand why forms block copy and paste thinking it will increase accuracy.

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