Aviva rejected Direct Debit

(Russell Macdonald) #1

Trying to manually transfer one of my last First Direct DDs to my Monzo current account. It’s a Friends Provident life policy that’s recently been acquired by Aviva Life & Pensions.

I’ve received the

attached letter saying their bank is unable to trace my account number and sort code.


Those idiots still haven’t updated their sort code lists, something they’re supposed to be doing monthly as per BACS rules.

Get back to them with that information, and if they still don’t comply then get in touch with BACS.

(Jack) #3

Worst offender goes to nationwide! Only yesterday :expressionless:

(Matt ) #4

hmm interesting I use Nationwide and haven’t had a problem transferring money so it seems to recognise it one place but not another


Did this get sorted!?

(Jack) #6

Looking at the convo between them nationwide just stopped replying :joy: so :man_shrugging:t3:


I don’t know how to feel about this :frowning:

(Jack) #8

Found the link to the thread: https://twitter.com/sambux/status/983619104316821505

I was a bit :anguished:when I set eyes on it, even someone responded to the thread saying “Wow so I’ve been shocked about places that offer credit and gym memberships not updating their database of sort codes but another bank that’s just on another level.”

(Jack) #9

Seems the case…

(Jonathan) #10

Seems it did get sorted in the end https://twitter.com/asknationwide/status/983633623290085376?s=21

(Jack) #11

Still the fact that a major bank has these issues is :man_facepalming:t3:

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #12

Im not sure what the issue is here, my Nationwide were my old bank before Monzo, and allowed me to make payments to my Monzo using the account and sort code O.o

No issues from them my end.

(Theo Gregory) #13

Anybody thinking maybe Nationwide didn’t update their sort code records on purpose as they’re scared of the new banks? #conspiracy

(Caspar) #14

Amused every tweet has a different persons name on it. No wonder they’re not very joined up.


Did you get this sorted? I’ve been using my Monzo account to apy my Aviva DD since I got the CA last year.

(Russell Macdonald) #16

So back on topic (Aviva!) it’s not sorted yet. I sent the form back to them with the same account details on it and told them to update their systems as my account exists and is my only current account!
I’m the customer - it’s not my problem that their systems are not up to date.


Try over the phone. I’m fairly sure that’s what I did.