When Do Scheduled Payments Leave My Account


Simple question for someone! When do scheduled payments leave my account? I think my wages will be paid in at 1 or 2am (my first month of having wages paid into Monzo is coming up!) however I have a scheduled payment set up to send money to my First Direct bills account on the day I get paid…I don’t want to go overdrawn or have the payment declined!

Any ideas?

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From previous chatter on other threads, I think that incoming money lands about 2am and outgoing direct debits leave at about 5am.

To be honest, I’d try and arrange the outgoing to be a day later if possible.

It’s relating to direct debits, but did you see the makingmonzo tweet earlier?

Manually retry at a time that suits, and second attempts later in the day! :smiley:


it’s changed to this a few months ago :slight_smile: :


So am I to assume that direct debits are handled the same as standing orders as that is effectively what a regular transfer to another bank is?

I could wait until the next day I guess, but that feels a bit untidy! Money starts to burn a hole in my pocket if I’m not careful!

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I’ve been using Monzo for my wages two months now and I have standing orders go out the same day I get paid on a weekly basis, my pay lands in at 1am latest was 1:01am on two occasions and direct debits and standing orders go out around 3am it’s been consistent for the two months been having my wages, hope that helps

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If you have a SO / scheduled payment set to leave Monzo it will go out at 2am same as direct debits. Incoming SO’s and faster payments are processed as soon as the sending back sends them. This is down to when they process them.

If you’re paid via BACS (most people are), we’ll process your salary before any direct debits :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. This is just the information I needed!


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