Bill pot - when can you choose the payment?


I just changed a yearly DD to my monzo joint account which is next due Sept 2020.

I was kind of now expecting via a pot to be able to pick this new DD to say… This is where you take the cash for this DD.

But 12 hours later and I still don’t have the option.

Do I have to wait until Sept 2020 to do the choosing? Or am I missing something with bills pots?


Wow , why doesn’t it say that here ?!

Mmm very disappointing if true, I want my wife to be able to see all this aswell :unamused:

Bills Pots works fine on Joint Accounts.

From experience, the DD has to be ‘taken’ (at least once) before you can assign it to a pot to be paid. DDs that are pending can’t be assigned.

EDIT - is this a ‘proper’ DD or is it a CPA (like Netflix, Amazon prime, Xbox live, Google One, etc) payment?
CPA’s can’t be assigned to a pot for payment because Monzo don’t get any notice when they are to be taken and so can’t prepare for it.

It’s TV license yearly so whatever that is :man_shrugging:

I suppose for monthly bill pots it isn’t so annoying you just handle it for the 1st month and have the money in the main account and instead of the pot, then subsequent months it’s all running…

But yearly seems annoying due to longer frequency, I want to setup and forget about the admin !

When it is set up, Monzo will have a “you’ve got a new DD set up”. This can be assigned to a bill pot.

The issue I have with this, is that when they then actually start taking money, it seems to be on a different line - the name/details seem to be different, so it doesn’t always work. This seems to be a 50/50 case though, some have been smooth and fine, others not.

Worst case, when it comes to taking the money and it says “tomorrow” - you can allocate at that point.

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I had a DD set up when I recently moved my Amex from my old Natwest account to Monzo. As of yet no payment has been taken, and I was able to assign the direct debit to a pot.

If you go to the Payments tab, and hit the Scheduled sub-tab(?) you should see a list of direct debits. If you click on it there it should have the option to Set Payment from a Pot on there.

Nothing on the scheduled payments tab either, I guess setting up a new DD with T licensing doesn’t reflect at Monzo end until the payment needs to be taken in Sept, bit rubbish

This is a TV Licensing issue, rather than a Monzo one. If Monzo get told about a DDM, it will show, otherwise they can’t show what they don’t know about.

Generally, within 7-10 days you will get a notification to say the DD has been setup in ur Monzo account, until that is setup at the billing department of company and they send it over there is nothing Monzo can do.

I am waiting for 2 DD notifications to be received from my stocks company that are due for 01st May, and sent these off in March

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