Direct debit needs approved from bank

Hi, can someone help me here?

I’ve been trying to call Monzo for the past two days… I took a payment holiday on my car over COVID and the direct debit was meant to be set back up in July after it got cancelled, this didn’t happen and when I asked the finance company why they said it was because the bank weren’t allowing them to set up a new one as it had been 60 days since it was cancelled and the amount was higher than previous. I was told I had to contact the bank to basically give permission to allow them to reset the direct debit but I can’t get through to Monzo over the phone?



You could try social media, or in app chat. In app chat would be my first option.


Go back to the Finance company and get them to setup a NEW direct debit rather than trying to use the old one, if its outside what they asked for before there is no need to authorise a DD with monzo Also just cancel the old DD in the app Go to Payments => Schedule find the DD under Subscriptions and Direct Debits click it and then select delete

To me, it sounds a lot like Monzo are working here to try to protect your account from (potentially) fraudulent DD being set up.

It’s annoying, but this is (perhaps) one thing I’m glad to see Monzo doing…

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