Direct Debit management - visability of reference details

The current Direct Debit management (via Payments > Recurring Payments > Direct Debit) doesn’t show you the sort code, account or payment reference when viewing an existing DD to help decide if you need to amend or delete it - could this be added to the payment management screens?

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DD’s aren’t normally associated with Sort Codes / Account numbers :slight_smile:

An SO (Standing Order) does have these figures displayed however :smiley:

What you should find in your DD transaction item (on your feed) is the reference of the DD in the notes section :smiley: This will probably match any reference numbers you have for the DD, be that an agreement number or otherwise.

More info is coming to the Recurring Payments screen (on iOS at least :smirk:) take a look here:

I’ve now posted a screenshot as well.

Also, note that you can’t amend a direct debit with your bank – only the organisation debiting you can amend it. You can of course cancel it (also supported in the new DD detail screen).


Thanks both for replies…

Marcus - I meant the receiving Bank’s sort code and account details - relevant to both DDs and Standing Orders I believe

Jolin - screenshot is really useful, thank you. I’d missed the grey Originating details at the bottom of the screen (need to learn to scroll!)

Makes sense to also display this text in the amend/delete pages to me, so user is aware of the details being changed… might just be me! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen those available for DDs. In my experience, I fill out the direct debit mandate with my details and the money comes out of my account. I can’t recall being able to find out the account details of the organisation debiting me.

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They are now available (never seen before with legacy banks) if you go into a debit payment and scroll to the bottom. It shows the full details for the payment :+1:t2:


The mandate will illustrate an OIN, which will map to the collector’s Bank Acoount- these are sometimes changed, which is why I thought these details might be useful on a cancellation screen

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Thanks Frank- seen that more recently too. Useful to show on the cancellation page too do you think? So you can see what you’re cancelling.

On the latest TestFlight release they are now on the DD screen :+1:t2:

Edit: for some reason on this screen it is my sort code and account number. Yet on the transaction screen it is that if EE’s details.

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Isn’t that your account details? Monzo sort code

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Nope it’s the details the direct debit payment is being sent to. It’s a new world :joy:

Edit: what the…:fearful:

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Better delete that :rofl:

Okay that has to be a bug as the transaction has the correct details for EE. Why would the direct debit screen have my details :man_shrugging:t2: @cookywook ?


I’ve heard that the latest iOS TestFlight version provides all this for Standing Orders on the details page (from the Recurring Payments list), including the option to copy the receiving bank s/c and a/c numbers. I don’t have any SOs set up so can’t test myself, but maybe someone else with the latest TestFlight can have a look and post here.

I wish it showed the amount the dd is set up for and the date it comes out instead of just the company

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This information isn’t provided to Monzo (or any bank) until the first direct debit is taken. And even then, all they know is what the last DD amount and date was. Both could be changed by the debiting company at any time. But after the first DD, the Monzo app shows you last debited amount and date.

Are you on iOS or Android, and has the first direct debit been taken yet?

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I’m on IOS but that answers my question, thank you so much!

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I’ve revived this thread, as every time I look at Direct Debit detail page, I’m reminded the sort code and account number displayed is clearly the wrong one! Useful info here would be the receiving institutions’ sort code and account, not my own monzo details. The two other fields at the bottom of the screen look to be fine (ie. the DD reference, and the receiving institution name). Any chance of a fix here Monzo?

Wow, I didn’t know this was even a thing!

I can’t imagine why I’d ever need this information but I have it if I want it.

It is a thing @Feathers!.. …and very useful it is too (eg. if you want to setup up an ad-hoc faster payment for a Direct Debit payee you already have set up), users could just go here to get the details.