Advanced Tab: Direct debit Information

tl;dr of scenario: I have been involved with some Ombudsman stuff regarding Ovo [ :astonished: ] (this is sarcastic shock). As part of this I was required to find the direct debit details of Ovo.
Currently: Currently the direct debit flow on Monzo doesn’t show key details such as Account number, payee number etc. However, using Monzo’s iteration of the openbanking API one can access the same details programatically
Solution: Adding an advanced tab to payments so you can easily see in APP the payment details, not everyone can do programatic access and the information is right there is just requires prettifying. :kissing_heart:
[I am current unemployed but lack expertise in App dev so if you wanna just hire me to work on this exact solution lmk :wink: ]

It’s at the very bottom of the transaction. Scroll down and it’s grey on white so it might not be the easiest read if you use light mode.

So this is what I currently see it is not there…

I have it on all of mine. Might be another one for #Paritygate


Huh… never seen that before :thinking:
Yeah I think you’re right another one for #paritygate
The issue is extremely annoying[when the information is required] when you don’t need the info its kinda fine :joy:
There is a workaround though.

I also don’t see this info (Android). In both light and dark modes.

Or another for iOS > Android :jack_eyes: