Direct Debit - Difficulty Distinguishing

(Oliver Mitchell) #1

Hi all

Please excuse me if this has been raised, I couldn’t find a thread when searching.

I have a problem distinguishing between different direct debits in the ‘Scheduled Payments’ screen, because I have a number of merchants who use GoCardless to process the direct debit. To be specific, I’d like to cancel one direct debit but I cannot distinguish it from the other two direct debits as all three are processed by GoCardless. There is no component to view the details of a direct debit - if I click on one it simply asks me if I’d like to cancel.

Since many merchants use GoCardless or a competitor to process pull payments I can imagine others have the same problem.

Is this a known issue?


(Jack) #2

If you select a direct debit at the very bottom in faint text there should be a reference number or some sort of unique identifier. It may be possible to use that. In theory it should tie to the original merchant etc.


That info isn’t on Android yet…I suspect that’s why it’s harder!

(Oliver Mitchell) #4

Yep that explains it!

(Peter Shillito) #5

Ace alliteration amigo!

I’ve not heard of “GoCardless” or anything like that, so this is an interesting problem to have and I totally get it. However, as mentioned, on iOS you can see the references in greyed out text at the bottom. If these get reported to Monzo to improve name/logo/etc, it should become easy to distinguish. Hopefully the expanded info gets added to Android soon for you. You might want to open up a chat and request the transactions get “prettied” up and help identifying the right one.

(Anthony) #6


I think @tom would be interested in this, as one of the founders of GoCardless :slight_smile:


It’s a gocardless thing in general - the references are just a random sequence of numbers and letters and don’t tell you who the payment is to.

They do have a tool on their website where you can enter some details and the reference, and it will tell you who it’s for.

And keep an eye and make sure they actually cancel - I’m still paying one I cancelled a couple of years ago (I changed my mind about cancelling a year ago so I’m not chasing)