Direct Debit Dates - Weekend

This is probably a really newbie question but I haven’t ever had it until now…

I have a Direct Debit due 30th of each month. Normally if this is taken on a weekend, it goes out the next working day.

Would this then be taken out of the 1st of the next month in a month like September, where the 30th falls on a weekend?

What about February with no 30th?

Am I going mad?


They’ll be taken on the next possible working day after the scheduled date, even if this goes into the following month.


I believe you’re correct, next working day so you could have multiple in the same month. Which happened to me last month!image


Pretty sure it’s part of the guarantee that a Direct Debit can only be taken after, and not before.

That’s what I thought, and in my mind it seemed odd to have one month with no payment and another with two (within a physical month) but it makes sense.

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