Better immediate account identification

My wife and I both have a Monzo account as well as a joint account. The app doesn’t currently do a great job of showing us what account is shown. This has led my wife to several times make a payment from the wrong account.
It would be nice to have a permanently visible small indication of what account I’m looking at when in Summary, Home or Payments pages.
Just like the “joint account” text that appears on the card for example


Totally agree. Are you on Android or iOS? The iOS app changes the pulse graph to white, which does help, but there should be more. I’m on Android so it’s no use to me anyway :upside_down_face:

When joint accounts was in the preview phrase, this redesign was announced ( but it never materialised :slightly_frowning_face:

I am on android and I completely agree with this as well

Another solution to this would be to ditch the global account switcher and instead show a clear summary of accounts the user can choose from. It’d be quite nice to have a global feed of all accounts showing all activity, then be able to dive into different accounts in an accounts tab to see feeds for each one, and payment options separately for each one under that account, so that you have always just chosen an account before you go to make a payment. Another way other banks do this is to prompt you which account you want to pay from when you choose to make a payment, so that you explicitly choose which account you pay from.

This global switcher UI will become even more problematic as more accounts are added via the marketplace, and already doesn’t make much sense as under ‘Account’ you find lots of different accounts/pots in a list which you can add/remove money to as well.

With a global modal switch, it’s always going to be problematic to remember which account you switched to, and since this is very important for money transfers, it’d be better to choose a clearer UI model which doesn’t hide which account you are in.