Make goal percentage of pot go above 100%

I use a pot to keep money aside for that month’s bills and I have the goal set to the cost of 1 month. Its handy for making sure I don’t spend money that’s already been spoken for. It would be even nicer if the goal percentage didn’t stop at 100%. Not only could I see that this month is covered, but if I had 230% of my goal then I’d know at a glance that I’m covered for next month too.

I can’t see how that could work with the budget having no connection to your balance. Are you suggesting it’s showing essentially how much if you had say a monthly spend of £3000 and £15000 balance you could live 5 months without an income and without making any changes to your lifestyle?

He’s talking about pots, not account balances.

If you had a pot with a goal of £100 and £200 inside it, then that would be 200% of the goal.


Sorry yes my mistake in reading, i understand now, yeah the pots only go to 100% even after you’ve exceeded the goal amount. I actually thought they went higher than 100% already.

I’ve added my +1 to help get this changed.

Nice idea that would be useful.

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Really like this idea also… added my +1

Its one of those where ive never noticed its not already implemented, just always assumed it :laughing:


Agree with this one too… #Monzo make the change :slight_smile:

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Yep this would be nice! :blush: