Backlash against Revolut's Advert

(NM) #1

What do people think of the backlash surrounding this:

Just curious more than anything

(Herp Derp) #2

I see no issue with this however this pathetic generation people are offended on behalf of other people forcing companies to apologise for trivial matters.

You ok hun is a meme nothing more nothing less.

Some people really do need to just stay inside tbh.


I’ve no issue with the content however this is a blatant copy of what Spotify did recently

(Simon) #4

I am not offended

(Thomas Horne) #5

I’ve no issue, it’s not naming anyone and using information that’s anonymised in full.

As for copying Spotify… Yes, I can see their point.

(Richard) #6

I first I saw it and thought ‘oh dear’

Then I read the article quoting only one person, a financial commentator, who was annoyed about it and the twitter ‘backlash’ only showed her tweet (I don’t have twitter so there could be genuinely a backlash but maybe the BBC should then show more evidence of that)

Basically, some people need to get over themselves. It’s harmless.

(#savetheseabass) #7

They also ripped off Freetrades (brief) dig at Piers Morgan

(NM) #8

Personally I’m not offended by it I just think its a very bad advert in general and the fact they are borrowing marketing ideas from else where isn’t very innovative.
If anything they could have said something about the Chinese festival for single people and how it should be celebrated


Don’t know why people get offended so easily. Companies can’t even insert a little humour in their adverts anymore. People just get too easily offended.

(Nathan Steer) #10

As a young single guy… that ad gave me a chuckle :smiley:

(Herp Derp) #11

It’s because this country has become full of spineless little twerps that have nothing better to do then fire of complaints to companies in order to give themselves a purpose in life and stories to tell to the old people in post office queues.

Gives them a hero like complex I would guess as well.

(Robbie Adams) #12

Successful ad Campaign? Way more exposure through the press surrounding the ad campaign? Don’t think it was purposeful but…

(Ray) #13

I think the real problem is data protection. They are using what is essentially private information in an add. Would you like your spending habits taken from Monzo and splashed all over an add without your permission?


None of it’s PII though it’s all anonymised aggregated data

(Richard) #15

It is anonymous though isn’t it?

Not like they’ve said, "Hey Richard in Preston, we noticed that last Valentine’s day you spent £15 at the Indian round the corner whilst you’re wife spent her card at a fancy restaurant in Manchester where she bought a bottle of white

You ok hun?"

(For clarity, this never happened)

That I would get, I don’t think it matters that they’re using a massive amount of anonymous data across the country for ad purposes.

(Richard) #16

Love Spotify’s response to this!


This is a complete load of PC BS… What’s a “Single Takeaway”? - If I order a Chinese dish, with Rice and Chips to share with my wife does that make it a Double Takeaway? It’s all to do with how peoples warped minds perceive things and unfortunately theres a hell of a lot of people that look way too much into things so they can nitpick “offensive” parts of it…

There’s no fun in the world anymore… Life basically sucks…

(NM) #18

By far my favourite part of this is spotify’s response

(Herp Derp) #19

Also bear in mind that the figure quoted could just be a made up one or close to it.

(Herp Derp) #20

Monzo do take figures like this and use them in E-Mail marketing etc. though.