Monzo Presents: A Very Special Premiere / TV Advert Discussion


You might have heard about our plans for a big advertising campaign this year. Perhaps you’ve already seen Monzo ads on tubes and trains around the country…

We’re excited to be coming very soon to a TV screen near you. Join us on the 21st for a special premiere, and a Q&A with the team at Monzo and the creative agency that helped bring our campaign to life!


Making Monzo "Coming soon" teaser
(Kate 🌈) #2

Wow, looking forward to seeing the ad. And hopefully an influx of new Monzo users!

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(Starling Guru) #3

Who was the ad agency for this?

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Doesn’t say :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Oooo, just got my ticket. Can’t wait to see this!

(Starling Guru) #6

That could be anyone :upside_down_face:


Well yeah… :joy::joy::joy:


Engine Creative is/was the agency I think?

(Jack) #9

Potential sneak peak? :eyes:


Monzo serving kitchen table, 70s chic realness.



Very interesting decor

(Simon B) #13

Just updated the thread title so it’s clear that this is about our upcoming TV advert.

What are you all expecting from the TV advert? How will a successful TV ad change public perception or brand awareness for us, in your opinions?

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Signups to fly :chart_with_upwards_trend:


For me two things, I think:

  • more (most?) people have heard of Monzo, even if they don’t choose to sign up immediately
  • Monzo stops being seen as this new or experimental thing, and is discussed in the same breath as HSBC, Nationwide or Santander.

And this, obvs:

Edit: to clarify I don’t mean that Monzo should be seen as just any bank. It’s different, unique and special - but in a positive way. I’m talking about moving on from the struggle to be seen as a serious contender. Which it has, in my view.

(Jack) #16

(Yen Pham) #17

Please do come along next week if you’re in London! I think this might be one of our most fun and festive community events ever…

(4 Round Investor) #18

Cardiff office premiere???

(Simon B) #19

I don’t think the Events Space in Cardiff is quite ready yet. We do hope to start hosting public events there as soon as possible but it won’t be in time for this premiere (as far as i know)



You’re in a new office in Cardiff now, right? I haven’t seen it yet, would love to take a look - have them get a wriggle on :slight_smile:

(Peter Shillito) #21

This is the one day I am in London this month…

and yet I am getting a train out at half seven :rofl: