Annoying adverts

I just had to make this topic after I remembered this awful advert by Ring…

The scouser as the burglar, the smug homeowner, the absurdity of his reaction… it just annoys me! :smile:

What’s an advert that does your head in?


Every. Single. One.

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This one I saw for Coke.

But yeah I record sport on iTV w Freesat and NetFlix/iPlayer everything else so I don’t see the nonsense. Brave fixes pretty much everything online, and I’m this close to running a PiHole.


The new Trainline app on YouTube. It won’t leave me alone.

And Elevate. God I hate the fake American voices.

Grammerly ads really do my head in, I get them constantly, YouTube ads aren’t cheap and have probably got grammerly over 100 times , what a waste of money.

Someone across the road has Ring and I know when they’re out (I can hear them speaking on it) - it feels dangerous to me

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Admittedly going against the grain of the thread title, this was marketing genius:


Love it :joy:

The latest batch of Dove adverts, I am so fed up of hearing about microbiome, at least this should slow down the detol disinfect everything adverts, I hope…

I’m glad this thread has been resurected just so i can say Pitpat is the most annoying advert i have ever seen!

First time watching it I loved it. But I can see how it starts to suck away your soul after that.

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I find the moneybox adverts annoying. IMO they try to be funny but aren’t