Deprecated software you loved

Inspired by this comment in the Targets thread:

It’s got me thinking about legacy software you once loved but doesn’t exist anymore…

in b4 someone mentions MSN Messenger :joy:

I might well have been one of a small minority (which is why it got canned) but I loved Google Wave. I got the use case instantly. In fact, my band wrote a whole album pretty much using Wave - one wave per song to write lyrics, drop in melody ideas, debate arrangements and structures, etc.

It was awesome.

A lot of it got implemented into Docs, but I still miss it.


Also Google Reader! Now that one was popular. I still don’t really understand why Google killed it. I read an interesting comment recently from my friend, Anil Dash (CEO of Fog Creek Software). He opined that the death of Google Reader was a turning point between people curating their own news feeds, to being given their own feed from an algorithm a la Facebook, which leads to corruption like the whole Cambridge Analytica thing. It’s an interesting take, and I think there’s a lot of truth in it.

What software of old do you miss?


Jesus, I really can’t think of ANY software that isn’t around now that I miss… I assume mIRC still exists? And Yeh. MSN messenger of course… I wouldn’t say I miss it though. Because I wouldn’t really use it now :joy: I do miss some of the people I met on it through… I made some great friends growing up, and I’ll never ever be able to find them again. :frowning: I used to talk to somebody called Saffron, and a goth called Faye. I’ll be happy if I ever find them lol. :rofl:

I’m shocked that I can’t think of anything though. Shocked and confused lol


I liked MSN chatrooms :frowning:


Not software but Ask Jeeves. I still tend to use overly formal search terms. And I always said please, didn’t want to offend the butler.

MS paint when it was the only option


Oh my god so did I.

I used to script and stuff. I loved it. Thought I was so cool.

Remember the quiz rooms etc? And !8ball still exists! Crazy how much Google dominates the search engine market :open_mouth:

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I miss Microsoft Money, but also I do miss DOS from the early days of Windows when it had to be installed separately.

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Encarta Mindmaze


Genuinely how I learnt and remember the planets :blush:


I’ve just realised that I actually have one as well. Pretty sure it doesn’t exist now from what I remember?

Dreamweaver :open_mouth:

Oohh and another one, bit irrelevant now though. Limewire!


I know but Jeeves isn’t there and he made it worthwhile :grinning:

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Yeh I realised that. Just. Lol, where on earth did he go. Like, that was the whole point of that search engine :S


Encarta was amazing. It saved muscle strain from having to pick up numerous editions of encyclopaedia Britannia to find the information


That time when Wikipedia went down :joy:


Is Desktop Publisher still a thing?

I loved learning games as a kid.

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I find it spooky when people just stop tweeting one day. Also, I can’t believe that hurricane katrina was 13 years ago :open_mouth:


Ohhh. Just been paid, thanks, Monzo! Haha


Microsoft Publisher is still available…

I pay for that every month and never noticed :sweat_smile:. Last time I used it was 1994 and it was terrible

I still miss the paper clip :worried:

I used the cat instead of the paperclip


It’s mostly game software that I miss. :rofl:

Ha ha, first thing I do with any PC or phone is delete all the games