Google's spring clean 2019

(Simon B) #1

Inbox by Gmail, Allo, URL shortener and Google+ :pensive:

(Jordan) #2

Almost feel its a case of “trying too much” - tried to expand and become a force in too many areas and are feeling the backlash!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #3


Allo was fun but nobody in my social circle would dare to leave WhatsApp :joy: was handy but I don’t often find a need for link shortening :yum:

Google+ was, hands down, the best way to ingest tech news… Haven’t found another platform which comes close :eyes:

(James Wheatley) #4

Allo and Inbox by Gmail I miss the most but as @nexusmaniac said no one else used Allo :frowning: and since moving back to Gmail and setting it up like Inbox was, I have no complaints.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #5


Got any links / tips you can share? :smiley: I’m hopeful that Google will continue to expand on Gmail and bring many of Inbox’s features back (here) but in the meantime I’d love to get some more ‘Inbox-iness’ out of Gmail :sunglasses::joy:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #6

Wait no gmail?

What then?

(James Wheatley) #7

Will have a think on the train home and outline some changes I made :slight_smile: although I did do this when Google first announced Inbox was being shut down so I may miss things!

(Simon B) #8

Not Gmail… Inbox by Gmail.

(Chris Bigg) #9

I moved back to Gmail as soon as I heard Inbox was getting discontinued back in October.

It’s so much better than it used to be. There really isn’t any need for Inbox anymore as they’ve integrated all of it’s best features.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #10


(Tom ) #11

Inbox was the best so good from a UX perspective. I love google and there ecosystem but this sucks

(David Walton) #12

I agree with both @Chris_Bigg and @TomCoutts - Inbox’s UX was stellar, but once snooze was introduced into Gmail (very quickly after it was announced Inbox was headed for the :city_sunset:) I switched back to Gmail. Now I only miss Reminders and the auto-trip bundle creation. Which apparently are both on the way to Gmail.

(Thomas Allan) #13

As a gmail only user, care to enlighten me?

Gmail recently introduced ‘To-Do’ but its pretty useless. hopefully reminders is better?..
What is auto-trip?

(David Walton) #14

In Inbox, you could quickly enter a Reminder which was set with a ‘label’ of ‘Reminders’ and disappeared from your Inbox until the time you had set it for. A bonus was it also showed in your Google Calendar.

Nowadays, you can still now set a Reminder in Gcal and it’ll work the same and you can also set one quickly with Gassistant. So while you can’t yet set a reminder from within the Gmail app/web, you can now do it quickly from elsewhere. When Inbox was first launched a few years back, snoozing and reminders were game-changers for me.

Auto-trip bundling was ace. If you booked a flight/hotel and received a booking confirmation, a ‘Trip’ bundle was created automatically (“Trip to Hawaii”) for example and you could store any related e-mail/reminder in that bundle too. It made it really easy to find boarding passes, etc. Inbox also allowed (up until a year ago?) location based snoozing, so you could have an email return to your inbox if you arrived at a set location (airport…) - this was massively useful but was killed off with a ‘Snoozing options update’

I’ve not missed Inbox’s ‘Bundles’ in general too much, but I’d use them again if they arrived in Gmail to group mails together. It was a nice ‘Project Management’ workflow - a bit like Threads in Slack.

Overall, Inbox was a huge productivity tool for how I manage and work with email - but Gmail isn’t far off that at this point. I’ve even grown to like the newest Gmail app material2 redesign as much as the blue Inbox design. Still waiting for Dark mode :white_square_button: - there’s too much white in there :white_large_square:

(Jack) #15

Anyone else still salty about Reader being discontinued even though it was years ago?

So is Allo going to be replaced by yet another messaging client does anyone think or are Google just going to double down on RCS?

(Simon B) #16

Yes. Very much. And Wave, for that matter. I might well be the only person but I freaking loved Wave.

(Michael) #17

I loved Wave too. Was wellllll before its time. But amazing nonetheless

(Adam) #18

Inbox being discontinued really did piss me off as the UX totally clicked with me.

I’m getting used to using Gmail again, but bundles are the one thing that I can’t wait to port across. Like mentioned above, things like trip bundling really helped to organise emails.

(Simon B) #19

Add Hangouts for Wear OS to the kill list :pensive:

(James Wheatley) #20

Wave was awesome and I used it everyday for my depts live task list!