Deposit cash

(Matteo Giuzzi) #1

Hope it doesn’t sound as a weird request, but I find myself with cash in my hands from time to time and I’d love to deposit them on my Mondo card. I know the Royal Post pre-paid card allow you to do this and would be nice to have this feature in Mondo too.

Depositing cash into current account?
Top up with cash
Depositing money into your account when Monzo becomes a "Full Bank"
(Joshua Turner) #2

This is not a weird request, I come across this all the time; I buy my step-dads coffee off Amazon and he repays me in cash. Its a very genuine request and its defiantly something to think about and do right.

Mondo could partner with Royal Mail, or other banks to use their branches, for depositing cash. Although both are not very modern or efficient. Maybe some genius can come up with a new slick solution?

More serious; Deposit in-store?
Less serious; Camera deposit?

(Matteo Giuzzi) #3

This might actually be an interesting and clever “invention”:


How about we snap a picture of each note, send it to mondo who can credit our accounts as long as we promise to tear the note up?

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Genius! I’ll add it to the list :wink:

(Joshua Turner) #6

That was my less than serious idea :wink:

(Matteo Giuzzi) #7

Could work :joy:
but the issue is real :frowning: