Denied Account - No CFAS Markers, Excellent Credit Record

I applied for a Monzo account recently and got the dreaded Unfortunately we can;t offer you a Monzo account message.

I have an excellent credit record - high score on ClearScore (way above average for my area and for UK), no negatives on the ClearScore report, and I have checked with Cfas that there are no markers against me.

I made the mistake of doing the photo/video application at night and wondering if it is just this that failed and if there is any way of re-applying?? Also possible that I made a typo in a detail somewhere.

Or could there be something else that could affect my application?

We’re all customers on here so without access to all your personal details we could speculate forever on what it could be.

All you can do is try asking Monzo why and if they can tell you they will. :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s something like a person who used to live at your current address.

I contacted Monzo and they won’t tell me anything.

Then they’re legally not allowed to.

Unfortunately you’ll have to apply for an account with a different bank :pensive: Monzos decision is usually final.

If the same happens again you’ll have to dig deeper into your credit report and perhaps get some professional help to pinpoint the cause.

Clearscore is garbage it can be up to two months behind sometimes. I would suggest checking your report with Experian (Sign up for a free trial) or sign up to Credit Karma you’ll get the most up to date info which Monzo would have used. Something must be on your report. Unless you’ve previously had an account with Monzo and it was closed or something went wrong?

They are allowed to, unless it involves an active investigation into money laundering, which in most cases it probably wouldn’t.

But they don’t have to, and it’s universal practice among banks not to give reasons.


No bank has to give you a account.

Hi @Pete.J.Soper

Monzo can not share commercially sensitive data and banks will not share this information as the FCA have agreed they don’t need to. I can give you a tip as a director of a financial company. I funnily enough once had your issue. If you misspel or make a application that doesn’t seem legitimate you could land yourself on the National Hunter database. This is a database banks refer all applications to. If your on this database you are shown as a fraudulent risk. All banks report to this as a way of talking to each other about risky customers.

To fix this. Make a SAR Request from National Hunter. The bank or financial institute that has flagged you will be inside the paperwork. You can approach them and request they remove this flag. Bare in mind that in this SAR will be every application you have ever made to a bank or credit institute. So if there is something incorrect explain yourself and apologise.

Once your off the National Hunter register. Try and apply again.

I will also note that this may not solve your issue and banks have done nothing wrong by not sharing this. They don’t have to legally. Plus National Hunter is a very secretive organisation.

Just to say that National Hunter is a private company. It’s an SAR (Subject Access Request) you need to make. The form is here.

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Yes that’s what i meant to say instead of FOI :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Edit: Fixed my atrocious spelling

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Interestingly, one of the forms of identity they accept is a full paper (pre photocard) driving licence, but it must be less than 3 months old.

Edit: ignore the above. I misread the form.

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They are very old school. They are a lifesaver for alot of people. Interestingly enough in the banking industry their only purpose is to allow banks to cross reference your other applications to check for consistency. Similar to credit scoring you get a consistency score. Example if you tell Barclaycard you earn £19,000.00 p/year and get declined an application and then apply for Natwest Credit Card and you all of a sudden earn £27,000.00 per year. You can bet the hunter is onto you. Banks make the final decision unfortunately but its ashame to see someone get declined for a bank account.

Fingers crossed Hunter can guide the OP into finding the answers :crossed_fingers:

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