Deleting account and starting over


I have had a few issues managing money in the past and I am trying to work on it. I keep getting payments that are regular but I forgot about and they don’t appear in my scheduled payments. They are payments for silly things I dont need and I want them all stopped.

I need to pay the important things like bills and I need to cancel all silly payments that I forgot about without them charging me every month or year.

I have frozen my account so no payments can go out again. Can monzo issue account with no outgoing payments where I can simply put in the payments I really need?

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You can’t start fresh with a new account with Monzo. You could start a new account with another bank.

Go through your statements and work out who is charging you on a regular basis. Contact all of these companies and stop whatever it is you’re paying for. It’s always best to try with them first, but if they don’t reply/don’t help/refuse, speak to Monzo and they can stop them for you.


Also, if you have contracts with any of the regular payments, you can’t simply stop paying them, as that won’t mean that you’re not still liable for the money and they could pursue you for it and seriously mess up your credit record.

The only way to do it right is to contact them all and tell them to cancel / stop whatever you were getting from them.


Thanks, I don’t have any contracts thankfully

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That sounds like a service that should be provided to people who have difficulty managing their money.

As, unfortunately, it can’t be done quite like that with Monzo, it should be a move to another bank.
Many banks allow creating more than one current account, with their own debit cards etc. So in principle this would be possible with a different bank that supports it, in the form of opening a new account, then closing the old one.

If none of your payments are legal contracts, you could as you say close your account, and open a new one somewhere else for a clean start.


Hi There,

Unfortunately you will need to contact the merchants you have subscriptions with and cancel this yourself, alternatively you can ask us to put a block on certain merchants so that they can not take a payment again.

However we are unable to give you a “fresh” account.


Hey, as above. Just contact the scheduled payment companies and ask them to cancel these payments, they’re obligated to stop them on request.

Most you can do online via their app or just giving them a quick call.


Hi Captain Jack Sparrow!

I’d strongly recommend getting in touch with Monzo’s vulnerable customer team. They might be able to help you, or at the very least, help make things manageable.

This is the one area of customer service Monzo truly excel at and get right. Please reach out to them. Here’s some links for you that might be useful.


I agree with the above, definitely reach out to the vulnerable customer team. They’re really good at helping with things like this and I believe that they can tailor the app as well while you get on top of everything.

Moving away from, forcefully cancelling or whatever the plan is could lead to further issues and you’re not really addressing the root cause. The team mentioned above can help with this too :slight_smile:

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