Bills Pot and repeating payments

Doesn’t matter how many times I try but if I access a payment from the bills pot and select the toggle to say it’s no longer a repeating payment the app refuses to change it.

It shows as done but when I move away from that screen and then eventually come back it’s selected again as repeating.

Only way I can deselect it, is to access the same payment screen but from the main feed rather than the pot 🤦

Anyone else have that issue, I’ve searched for a topic but failed to find one.

Just as a test, what happens if you remove the planned payment from the bills pot and then re-add it to the pot as a single, non-repeating, transaction?

Sorry, I’m not 100% clear on the test results…

So the action of removing it from the Bills pot (as a recurring payment) and then re-adding it results in a non-recurring Bills pot payment, as desired?