Delete Sent Chat Message

Please add an option to delete sent chat messages, currently there is no conformation when photos are selected from the camera roll, so accidents can happen.

Uh-Oh. Could be embarrassing.


Good idea

Someone sent nudes to the wrong person :rofl:


Naw. Just a screenshot.

I think being given the ability to delete chat messages would cause more issues than it would solve.

  • It would allow customers to abuse staff then delete the evidence.
  • It would allow customers to delete key facts from a conversation that could hinder any investigation or decision made against them.

There are so many more and having a confirmation before sending an image would be highly annoying.

Just exercise a little patience when discussing your finances (they’re important enough) and if you send something by mistake it’s not the end of the world. Monzo are professionals, they’re not going to slap it all over Facebook or anything :laughing:


Unless you send nudes. Then your account will be closed


Then you won’t be a customer so they can put it on their Facebook :laughing:

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Nah, instagram

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There is no done button though, you just click
the thumbnail and off it gooes.

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I with you on this if they give us the ability to delete a change people could cause problems for the staff staff. They would be no evidence of this but would a change not be recorded on monzo side of thing or would it be all deleted any way I don’t think this would be a good ideal.

I think the OP wanted it deleting from both sides so nobody could see the nudes :man_shrugging:


I think not sending the photo by tapping the thumbnail would be sufficient. Every other app you either tick the thumbnails you want to send, then click done, or you tap the thumbnail which is then previewed and there is a send button.

The photos should not just instantly send by tapping the thumbnail especially since this can inadvertently send items while scrolling.


Fully agree in terms of selecting and sending photos from the picker. It‘s frustrating how such a basic confirm prompt is missing after continually providing feedback.

Its happened again to me today which has meant I sent a photo which included sensitive data. It’s not the end of the world but this is basic flow/behaviour that should exist as it does in any other app.


Uh-Oh. Could be embarrassing.

That made my night.

There’s a dedicated slack for these pics


This has been fixed. Thought it now crops photos to be a square. :man_shrugging: