Delete old Customer Service messages

Hey there!

I’ve just received a message from Customer Ops Katy saying we’re unable to delete old messages.

Can anyone explain the reasons why? I like the odd spring clean every so often.

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What did she tell you when you asked?

That we’re currently unable to delete messages, but pass on the suggestion.

Ok, how about asking her why they’re unable to delete messages? I expect she’ll be able to give you a more conclusive answer than the other users in this community to be honest.

I think that’s more of a limitation with Intercom as appose to a Monzo issue.

I’m sure if she knew, she would explain. It was posted to any Monzo staff or users who might know.

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I guess it’s simply so they have a record should you complain etc

they could retain a record on their server but let you delete it in the app

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