Please fix the horrible photo chooser

I don’t understand why but on iOS when choosing a picture to send via the in-app chat, it just sends as soon as you click on it and you have no option to un-send the photo.

I fully understand that Monzo Chat isn’t a social messaging app and an unsend feature is not necessary but PLEASE let me get a preview of the file before you send it.

I swear today I was 5mm away from showing Monzo’s Support Team a VERY indecent photo because the screenshot I needed was right next to it.

Why’s you got indecent photos anyway sir :eyes:

Honest tho I agree with you, I’ve almost sent photos that will shock the person on the reviving end

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Can’t be that indecent if it’s only 5mm…



Proof? or it never really (almost) happened.

Happy 2-year forumversary btw :+1: :cake:


Flashbacks to customer service days and later on reading escalated conversations as an engineer

I 100% believe this and require no proof. :flushed:


Only amateurs use the same phone for their filth as they do for their day-to-day stuff.

*cough* Allegedly :eyes:


Did someone accidentally do it to you?

The answer to that is pretty obvious based on the conversation above no?

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I once sent a photo of a baby Jesus instead of an error I was seeing on Monzo.

Gave me a laugh. Gave him a laugh.

Hopefully my private photos would have been less funny.

But yeah, I have always hated this function. Definitely want to check before sending.

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Where did you get photos of the Baby Jesus, that’s what I’d like to know :flushed:


You have a 'Hidden photos" album for a reason, the app will ignore that album, place those photo’s in there. I’m not saying the empathises is on you, but the option is there

It doesn’t have to just be rude photos though, just the wrong one. It’s fairly standard to be able to select a photo and then press send in most chats.

How do you remove a vote? :laughing: I’m out.

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Can’t quite decide if the topic should be read as “horrible photo chooser” or “horrible photo chooser” :sweat_smile:


Dear people doing IDV (or PIN recovey) selfies:

A surprising number of you are not wearing enough clothes.

Please rectify this. Your bank does not wish to see your nudes.


I’m not sure this is what they mean when they talk about ‘inherence’ in the PSD2/SCA regulations.

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It wasn’t a accident. Don’t lie

Can confirm on Android I have to physically press the send button once I’ve selected the photo. Just recently used it in past few days over an issue I had.

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Hi all,

I’ve been super busy with work so haven’t had much time to review this thread.

I must admit, the hidden album does serve its purpose well but there are even some confidential photos that I wouldn’t want shared over chat.

I’m aware that the latest iOS has a new privacy-first photo selector, I’m hoping Monzo would implement this fully, and allow iOS to display the image and confirmation page before passing it to the Monzo app to send.