Allow transfer of any amount to a pot

(Rosie Bradberry) #1

We use pots to break down and manage our budget. But being limited to £5 or £10 increments means we can’t accurately keep our budget in sync with what we actually spend.

It would make a massive difference to our use of Monzo to manage our spending if we could transfer any value back and forth from a pot. Is this something you would consider adding?


Tap on the 5 between the + and - and you’ll be able to manually type in any amount

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #3

Annoyingly difficult to discover, this.


I guess if they added a bit of shadow to the field, so you can tell it’s an input box it would sort the confusion?


Big red circle under the number so it looks like a button. Nobody can resist pushing a big red button

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #6

Why not just leave it blank? For any amount other than either £10 or £15, it’s more taps to use the [+] and [–] buttons anyway.


This is complained about regularly but hasn’t been acknowledged by staff at all.

It’s crap. It needs changing. Please change it


Who was it recently that complained that moving money out of a starling goal was difficult to find so they moved their cash back to Monzo? They gonna move their Monzo money elsewhere after this similar UI functionality? :rofl:

(Andre Borie) #9

It would honestly be better if the view defaulted to a numerical keyboard. Usually it would take at least 2 taps to change the amount using the + and - buttons. It also takes only 2 taps to input any number up to 99 so it would be actually more efficient most of the times.

(Lawrence Ferguson) #10

Coincidentally, starling have now made it clearer …though I don’t want to check at the moment because my balance is frightening me …


Yeah? How so? Android or iOS?

(Lawrence Ferguson) #12


(Andre Borie) #13

This is the Starling UI on iOS for those that are wondering. It defaults to a numerical keyboard with no +/- gimmicks which I prefer.


Definitely agree that it should default to the numerical keyboard immediately.

I do find the +/- useful, especially when I want to withdraw the entire amount from the pot since if tapping the ‘+’ would take you over the total amount in the pot, the amount automatically goes to the total pot amount.

Also, does the “When” field mean you can delay the sending of an individual payment or a pot add/withdrawal?