Add to Pot - Default amount

When selecting Pot ‘Add’, the funds defaults to the maximum funds available. Having to clear that amount before I input the amount I want to add is very annoying. Can you please set the default to £0.00 please?

On mine, it defaults to £100. I’m on iOS, if that is a difference.

Also defaults to £100 on Android. Maybe defaults to maximum funds available when the account balance is less than £100?

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In which case, it should be made to default to a blinking cursor. Whatever the default is, it’ll need to be changed by the user, so being able to type the amount straight away makes more sense than having to delete a default amount.

Maybe the designer always transfers £100? :joy:

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I’ve got over £100 in my account but my pot transfers default to £50… interesting :thinking:

Are Monzo doing some A/B testing? Surely not… :crazy_face:

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I have a default of £50 like @ndrw - although agree that it should start at £0 so you can immediately input what you want to transfer

I agree, it should be set to zero, makes more sense to select the amount you require from zero up

Yes, it may well default to up to a maximum of £100 right enough. I had less than £100 balance the last few times I’ve added to a pot.

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Don’t forget if it defaults to zero there is a different flow to create the pot on Android vs IOS so that would need unifying too.

As you say. It’s not so much the amount of the default, but the fact that the default is not zero. You should be able to input the amount you want right away.

And a non-zero default feels like Monzo is advising me how much I should be putting in my pot. And I don’t like that at all Monzo. :wink:
And it feels like coding for coding’s sake. ‘Look how clever I am. I’ve coded a default.’ :rofl:

When sending or requesting money on PayPal you start with a default of £0. Why not the same on Monzo, Monzo?