If there’s one thing I hate above anything else it’s decorating :rage: I wish I could just push a button and it’s done.

On a side note I’ve had to pause painting as the fumes got me high to the point I collapsed and had to crawl upstairs to lie down 🤦 and that was with the windows open.

I’ve now bought a respirator off Amazon that was recommended off various searches for masks to decorate in.

Get one of those paint guns. They’re surprisingly cheap and seem to make painting so much easier.

I briefly looked at reviews on Amazon and there was lots of praise. Although I personally don’t see anything wrong with a roller, it’s cheap, quick and easy enough.

You can also get VOC paint that doesn’t give off fumes. I think that’s what it’s called :thinking:

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I’m using trade paint from crown shop across the road. It must be made differently to commercial home use stuff, I’ve never felt ill from paint before and that’s the only thing I can narrow it down to.

A paint gun :open_mouth: that just sounds like I’d decide to shoot it everywhere :rofl:

I bought one of the guns when we decided to redecorate our entire house in 2 weeks before moving in. Maybe it was me, but it is useless.

The cord is 1.5-2m long so you can paint next to sockets but not anywhere else and it got more paint on the floor and me than onto the wall

It will forever sit in the attic

Could be a me issue though

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They could well be rubbish and I guess there are different types too. I’ve never used one but I read reviews on a particular model that was around £35 - some reviews even had videos and it looked pretty good. Loads of even coverage real quick.

Likely not a patch on those industrial ones you see professionals using but I’ll likely get one when it comes to painting the fence outside in summer. I can then practice to see how it would hold out indoors.

VOC (volatile organic compounds) so ideally you want zero or low.

It should have a sticker on the tin. (But might be written instead, probably on trade tins)


If you are using high/v high you might want a respriator.

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Got one on those coming today from Amazon. Glad I didn’t pay them the £4.99 they wanted, for next day delivery and just went for the free it’ll be with you by Tuesday option. Still getting it delivered next day with no extra postage fee.

This is why I pay something else - a better job and in less time.

I found the data sheet for what I’m using it does say to avoid breathing in the vapour and to wear a suitable respirator. That’s arrived now at least so I’ll be able to finish the job without nearly passing out.

I hate it as well, but the obvious solution is to just pay someone to do it. The decorator will probably use less paint as well, so the overall cost might be more comparable than you think.

Oh hell no, as much as I hate it I’m not paying someone to do it :rofl:

Since this topic has been revived, what’s others’ experience with touching up paintwork? We redecorated most rooms ourselves with pretty cheap off the shelf paint and have been touching up without any major problems here and there.

One room, however, we can’t touch up as it all just shows up really obviously. Can’t even wipe marks off because it leaves a horrible shine. The decorator didn’t use the brand of paint we requested and now want to charge us again for repainting a wall that’s been ruined because they didn’t tell us to tread on eggshells every time we walk past that wall

You can get stain block paint that you paint on the effected area and then repaint over.

I had a salty/wet/shiny stain from my aquarium water on the wall and it sorted that. It usually covers most stuff, like grease and water damage but it depends on what kind of marks they are.

Ah it was just black marks from where something rubbed against the wall when moving things around. Our cheap own brand paint can either be wiped with a damp cloth to get rid of stains or touched up without any obvious colour differences

This one room, however, is a nightmare. If you as much as think about the wall the wrong way it becomes permanently shiny and any efforts to touch up a spot result in an obvious colour difference

Highly recommend using trade paint to be fair. Crown do a whole host for different scenarios, granted they cost a bit more than what you would pay from a chain DIY store but they do the business. Dulux also have trade stores which do similar, it’s a further walk from me so never used them before.

Sounds like it’s going to be a never ending battle whatever you do, so biting the bullet and getting it repainted with proper paint is the only good long-term solution :pensive:

You do like sharing websites


Not sure what garage floor paints have to do with any of this. I can’t see anyone mentioning it :confused:

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